Gorgeous Grandma(PowToons)

Taking online classes for me is a challenge because I am not a computer person although I think computers are a great way to engage your students.  Children young and old love them are intrigued by them and become quite fascinated with them.  To be honest they still make me a little nervous, stupid I know!  But what’s a grandma to do so to make a long story short I had to get with the program if I wanted to pass this class.

So, I jumped in head first and I’m glad I did we were given another lesson tough for me!  But had too get it done.  This lesson is called Historical Figure Event or Law Topic this involved researching a given topic or you could select your own, given all your research you are now able to put together a presentation using a selected application.  I selected PowToons and this application offered a variety of ways to present researched information.  Powtoons allowed me to set-up a presentation using music, images, figures, and different ways the words appear or disappear on and off the page.  I used specific information like location, statistics, important people, or contributions to tell the story.

Again, great lesson for younger students.  Students could read a book or learn to research something as well, like a historical figure or famous person in history then let them have fun creating a presentation perhaps they could work in pairs or groups of three then let them present. What a great way for them to learn strategies that will help them improve comprehension skills.

Joyce Swopes

Soc. Foundations k-12



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