Bazinga as a review game

Bazinga is a simple review game that I saw played in a classroom when I was student teaching. The class is split up into teams and the teams take turns answering questions. Each question is worth one point. When a team gets a question right, they get the change to pull a card from one of the pockets on the Bazinga board.


(picture of Bazinga board:


These cards have game switch-ups like trading players from team to team or stealing points. This keeps the students interacting more since it bit of variety to a fairly standard review game.


I can easily see myself using this review game each time a lesson is finished in a certain subject, or possibly on Friday afternoons for a bit of a break for the class. The cards all stay the same; they just get shuffled around when you set it up. That way, all I have to do to prepare is write up the questions. It’s important to keep the energy high in the classroom as the game is going on, so the students stay interested.


Directions for setting up different versions of this game are fairly common online. The version I am most familiar with can be found here. It includes all you need need for setting up the game in the classroom, including all the cards that you use. For the more high-tech classroom, a powerpoint template is available here. I think having the students pick the cards out of the pockets makes the game more interesting and interactive, so that’s what I plan on doing with my students.


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