Autobiographical Narrative

An autobiographical narrative is a great way to get to know your students. It incorporates technology and allows for some creativity. Adobe Voice or another presentation format is used to create a digital autobiography. These autobiographies are shared online with the class so students can get to know each other (and I can get to know them too!).


This could be a great first project. I plan to use this as one of my assignments during the first week of school. I will have a brand new set of faces and this will help me get to know my students and challenge them to improve their presentation and writing skills. I can also prepare a presentation about myself that I am able to share with my students. This will help them when preparing their presentations, as well as serving as an introduction to me as their teacher.


Some of the resources I have found to be helpful for this project include MindMaple and Adobe Voice. The students start off by organizing their ideas using a idea map like this or this. Depending on the age group, a digital mindmap like MindMaple could be used. From there, the students start to make their presentations. The format can be whatever they want it to be. If they want to make a traditional presentation, they can use apps like Adobe Voice or Haiku Deck. ThingLink could be a different style of presentation. It lets students add pictures to a page and link the pictures to websites, more pictures, videos, or other multimedia. This way, if a student mentions fly fishing (or some other specific hobby), for example, the other students can click the picture to learn more about the topic.


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